Testimonies of the Miraculous Hand of God at Bridge of Hope Fellowship

Gailmarie McQueen, Healing of “Irreversible”

Damage to Kidney, 1-20-19

Sean Sanborn, Miraculous Deliverance  from cigarettes, 1-6-19

Linda McKinney, Healing of Asbestosis - no more need for daytime oxygen, 1-6-19

Connie Bartle, Healing of her broken Foot with re-connection of bones. 12-30-18

Mary Siefert, Healing of cancerous tumors.


Ken Crandell, Healing of Foot, Hand & Mouth disease in his 6 yr. old son Benjamin. 12-30-18

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Connie Bartle 12-30-18.mp4 Mary Siefert 12-30-18.mp4 Ken Crandell re son Benjamin, 12-30-18.mp4 Linda Mckinney 1-6-19.mp4 Sean Sanborn 1-6-19.mp4 Gailmarie 1-20-19.mp4