Our Pastors

      “The church camps around the sermon, Israel camped around the presence.  Learning to recognize, treasure and carry His presence is at the heart of the Christian life.  Recalibrating our hearts to this supreme value affects everything.”  —-Bill Johnson

     Pastors Charlie and Judith Ellen have been co-pastors together for over two decades.  Their love for the Lord and people has underscored  their years of Kingdom service.  A consistency of seeking His presence is a cornerstone to everything they do.  To see the Lord glorified, liberty for Holy Spirit to move freely, and God’s people released to become all that they can be in the Lord are the main thrusts of their ministry together.


     Their compassion for the lost comes out of their own personal salvation from years of involvement in drugs, alcohol, and the New Age movement.  They know the love of the Lord for the lost experientially when he miraculously showed up in their living room in response to their cries of desperation, to save them.  Charlie refers to it as “our Damascus Road experience with Jesus.”

     In 1999 they were Pastors of a church that went through a year and a half revival with multitudes saved, healed, and delivered.  It became the defining moment in their ministry that forever changed how they view church.  Both say “It’s not about religion and it’s all about relationship–relationship with an awesome God who loves unfailingly and relationship one to another with love, care and compassion.”

     In the beginning of 2012 they received a call from the Lord to pastor the Family Worship Center,( now the Bridge Of Hope Fellowship).  “By life or by death, we give ourselves in service to Libby that we might see His kingdom come and His will be done for such a time as this,”  is how they view their call to Libby.

     To all who would come, they say “come with an expectation of faith to receive all that the Lord has for you.  He loves you and so do we.”

Pastors Charlie and Judith Ellen Moody